B7000 Glue and Smartphone Screen Repair Tools
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B7000 Glue and Smartphone Screen Repair Tools
B7000 Glue and Smartphone Screen Repair Tools
Epoxy and Glues
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The famous and hard-to-find B7000 glue is ideal for smartphone screen repairs, plus smartphone repair tools.

Glue and tools are leftover from a DIY repair. One screwdriver is blunt and the plastic tools are scuffed.

Glue has been used once, to repair the seller's phone, and is no longer needed

  • 15ml B7000 glue
  • 3 phillips screwdrivers
  • 1 flat screwdriver
  • 2 plastic levers
  • 2 plastic picks
  • 1 SIM ejection tool
  • 1 mini suction cup
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Taurai B
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Strathaven, Harare
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Seller since 18 Apr 2022
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