Seller Application Guide
Add a photo of your identity document. Ensure it has all 4 edges within the shot. Keep margins with the edges as small as possible.
For passport identification, only the detail page is required. Ensure all 4 edges of the page are visible, including the <<<<<< machine readable zone <<<<<< at the bottom.
Add a recent colour photo of your face. Keep the focus area of the photo above the shoulders.

Make sure you are not too far from the camera.
Your face must be fully visible. No photos with shades, masks, caps or hats will be accepted.

Prescription glasses are acceptable, if needed by the applicant.
As well, no photo using filters will be accepted.

The only recommended editing involves the resizing or cropping of photos.
Once you have completed your application, you may submit it.

The application will then be submitted to the ZeeBay team for approval.