Safe Shopping Guide - ver. 2021.09.23
Buyers and sellers should meet up in a safe location subject to the sellers given delivery / collection conditions.
Avoid going to a secondary location, to either collect the product or collect the payment.
If you do, do not let your guard down and remain alert whilst going to or at the secondary location.
Never be forced or coerced into making or receiving payment.

To avoid disputes, transaction must be settled in a willing manner.
The seller must afford the buyer the opportunity to inspect the product before payment.

The buyer must always enforce this right and inspect the product, especially when packaged, to ensure it is present and is as described.
Buyers should not complete transactions where the product does not match the posting.

Completing the transaction will be taken to imply acceptance of any visual differences present.
Avoid making cash payments. Besides increasing the vulnerability of both the buyer and the seller, there is no paper trail in the event of any disputes.
The buyer must afford the seller the opportunity to verify any payments made.

The seller must enforce this right by verifying the presence of funds in the sellers own mobile money, or bank account, on their own devices. Cash payments should be verified by counting and inspection for counterfeit bills.
Due diligence by buyers or sellers should not be taken as a personal judgement of the buyers or sellers trustworthiness.

It is part of the ZeeBay terms and conditions that must be abided by to ensure safe shopping.